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Thanks for the quick reply, I.

We are using the Aux Sends from the mixer, but I'd have to get back to you concerning the exact cable routing.

I'm fairly certain we are using monophonic signals and the LED's are 5's all day.

I know that we have the tonic set, but I'll have to recheck the scale settings.

We recheck the tuning quite often during the set, and have used both chromatic and stroboscopic tuners.

I was wondering about calibration, as a bit of the intial setup was performed off-site. I will check the manual and reset the low note parameters as needed.

We are using Shure in-ear monitors, no stage monitors at all. The bleed is from amp stage sound levels…. if we solve the de-tuning issue, the bleed becomes less of a problem.

You've given me somethings to work with. Thanks again!