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Thank you for your quick and exhausting reply. I really can see now the benefits to upgrade. When I have more info about practical logistics, I will proceed with it.

If I may, also just for practical reasons, it would be great to have some kind of general control plug-ins in VST format even without audio streaming with some quick midi learn feature to be able to easy up the setup and setup changes. With so many presets, modules and parameters, even in Orville it's really not easy to access all that to unleash the power of your amazing effects. VST plug-ins could, for exemple, remember the project state for the song, like total recall feature. Even if it's a paid option, I think many many people would really hook up on that to shorten the learning curve of programming and also, to get rid of that roudimentary serial port and connection. With the time, it could even incorporate vsig editor in more intuitive way, like Reaktor of Native Instruments.

Thanks again for your your amazing work!

My best,