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Yes, I know. We've had this conversation before about my setup(s). But, just to keep you up to date, the Eclipse is not in the same rig as my H8000, which we have talked about many months/years ago. The H8000 is in a rack that now feeds an AC30 CC2X. That amp has a switchable (+4db) serial fx loop.

The Eclipse will go in a different rack connected to different amps. One amp, as I said, will have modern features (fx loop, among other things) with classic tones. The other amp is a "dinosaur", as you say. 🙂 It's a Germino Lead 55 (Marshall plexi clone). But, since I have a Switchblade, I would still like to use the Eclipse with it sometimes just to add some reverb or chorus or delay–who knows. Remember, I can route my signal any way I want, including in parallel, so I don't "nuke" the Eclipse's effects. If I want to create a Switchblade preset with my Germino that includes OD, delay, and some reverb (with delay and reverb coming from the Eclipse), I can route those signals in parallel and mix them with the Switchblade's internal mixer. So, maybe it's not as ideal as using a good fx loop, but I do avoid nuking my Eclipse's revebs, delays, etc. completely.

So, it's not really that weird is it?? 🙂

Btw, Switchblade (for future reference, if you want to know) accepts -10 db signals, but if "pro gear" is connected, there is a "cut" setting, which increases (?) the headroom by 6 db to -4 db (maybe I have this backwards…or don't totally understand what the manual says). To connect +4db, line level gear, the manual advises cutting the output level from the pro gear. Is this the criticism you have had in the past about Switchblade's design–not enough headroom?