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Hi Ray, let me say that being a guitar player for the last 36yrs has been quite a journey. I've tried nearly every FX stomp box out there, I'm also a current owner of a DSP4000 (which never leaves the house).

I also work in a giant music chain in Canada in the guitar dept. selling guitars effects and the like. What I'd like to see Eventide build next would be revolutionary in the guitar stompbox medium… A "Pitchfactor" pedal with effects like…

1. Harmonization semi-programable presets (maybe some H3000 presets)

2. Drop tuning multi-voices, each programable by octave or interval

3. Guitar doubler effect, for thick rich sounds

4. 5-6 part harmonies, programable in intervals (not key specific)

5. DADGAD shifter (or what ever tuning you dial in), every chord you play shifts to what it would be in DADGAD even though your playing in standard EADGBE

6. Multi-octave voices, up to 14 voices

7. What you play forwards, also plays backwards (at the same time)a la Hendrixy

8. Expresion controlled pitch shifter, programable by octave or interval

9. A different variation to the Ya Ya Voice shifter effect, maybe 5sec sample you can transmit via USB as a .wav file that stores in the unit. That way you can change the wave file to what you'd prefer instead of Ya Ya which has been over used as of late.

10. Bass grundge pitch shifter, turn your guitar into a heavy baritone guitar

11. Play a note and it auto shifts in real time to desired programed pitch, and you can select
how many notes you play before it shifts to the next programed shift (interval or note choice) upto 10 programable shift points before the pattern repeats.

12. Play a note and have it shift to 5-7 note arppegio higher or lower

13. Pattern shifter in a variety of patterns that you can input with a dial one note at a time
10 note limit

14. Augmented / Diminished shifter, shifts to augmented chords with each note played

15. Stereo spread shifter/panner. play a note it shifts back and forth in stereo L>R a desired amount of times.

16. Some really whacky guitar FX sweeps, circular shifts, ball bounce shifts, *but no crystal shimmers please.

Keep in mind that I love the sounds of the DSP4000 so I maybe over doing just it a little. But atleast it would perform smart harmonizations with the most basic of principles of what a harmonizer should do without lugging around big heavy racks.

You guys have already set the standard why not raise the bar, nobody will be able to compete thats just a fact of life.

P.s. If you listen to some clips of my music you'll understand better what I mean.

Anton Zedd