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I've used MidiOX to dump and upload. This method works for me:

– Connect TF to PC via USB (TF needs to be powered)

– Start up MidiOX

–  Make sure the buffers are set to 8192 bytes by Options -> Configure Buffers (You might also need to change the input buffer to 8192)

– Also make sure Options -> Pass SysEx is ticked

– Now go View -> SysEx

– Go Sysex -> Receive Manual Dump

– On the TF, navigate to the patch you wish to dump

– Then enter system mode (find this in the manual)


– On  the TF it will say SEND… and then DUMP

– In MidiOX, It'll say x bytes received. Click done. 

– You should have a load of hex code in the Dsiplay Window

– Now click Display WIndow ->  Save As and save wherever you want. Make sure that the extension selected is .syx .cbk

– The patch is downloaded.

 To upload to TF: 

– Make sure TF is connected to PC, start up Midi Ox

– In MidiOX, go Actions-> Send -> SysExFile…

– Select the .syx file you want. It will have a little lightning bolt and music note as an icon

– The TF will dispaly LOAD OK 

– Note that the patch is uploaded, but not saved. Thus save the patch as per normal.

Upload finished.

Hope this helps

I'll try and do a video or slideshow type thing later, to make this a bit clearer.