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So far ModFactor has met a terrific positive feedback worldwide, at any user level.

The unit is a *digital* modulator so some analog products you may refer to…are obviously different sounding. So, in general the point is that an Eventide chorus, a standard in the music industry, won'y ever sound like an Arion pedal. No matter how good or bad the user may judge these products. It remains a very personal opinion what a product sounds like for the user.

A digital chorus is based on basic digital delay functionalities: a delay line is being modulated by a low frequency oscillator.

Delay control allows YOU to change the setting of delay time. Chorus FX generally lives in the 8 to 25 milliseconds range.

Feedback is actually a very cool thing to have as it will allow YOU to make a flanger, by lowering delay time and adding regeneration. In a typical chorus setting you may keep feedback at minimum setting. Warblyness is not controlled by delay time. Feedback and modulation depth will add that to a chorus.

If you take the time to specifically describe what is that you look for in a chorus, w/details, we would be very grateful to hear that.

Our idea of chorus is more based on historic Eventide chorusing, TC and DynoMyPiano units.

all the best