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thanks for the reply.  I didn't mean to imply that I expected it
to sound like an analog unit.  I was just looking to approach that
smoothness and lushness with a bit more control.  Unfortunately, I didn't get the opportunity
to further tweak the unit, because the intensity knob crapped out on me
after about an hour of use.  At first it worked fine, then I noticed
the display alternating back and forth between the bar display and the
intensity numerical display looking like it was trying to "catch up" to
the position of the knob.  I checked the "catchup" setting, but it was
disabled.  Finally, the intensity control failed altogether, with
system and memory re-initializations having no curative effect.

It seemed like a software issue, particularly the way the display
looked like it was trying to catch up.  Has this issue occurred
before?  I'm sending it back to the retailer for a replacement, but I
thought you should be aware of the issue.