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I am enjoying the MF as well, but have also found the chorus a bit lacking. I don't mind it being digital. I didn't care for the TC chorus I had, but the Tri-Stereo DynoMyPiano seems like a good idea. The chorus settings seem to have too much delay time, which in my opinion leads to a colder sounding chorus (I like the current EQ), I wish the chorus types could be given delay time controls on each of them—AND allow them to be adusted down to maybe 4ms (getting slightly into flange delay time). I come from the "CE-1 Chorus Ensemble" and "Small Clone" and "Dimension C" school of chorus generally. It would be great if the delay time control let you see a ms reading on the display as well, instead of 1-100 dial.

I would love to find out what each of the TYPES are as well (still have an unanswered post about that here). I hope this comes across as constructive. I have loved my TF updates and look forward to what you guys do with the MF. Thanks.