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Thanks Dan, for taking the time to respond, I very much appreciate it. If you could clear just a few more questions for me, it would us users a lot.

To explain, I do well with applications and that is generally more subjective anyways. The mechanical (not really 'cause its software-but you know what I mean), were the most helpful.

Chorus (Organic): the "organic" is two modulated voices (delay lines) according to your description. What are the "shimmer" and "liquid" chorus types? Are they multiple voices or single? How do they differ from one another (in function, no need to describe sound). I'll will make a few comments about the types in the other chorus thread as well.

Flange: The flange descriptions were excellent. I am a mono user, like most pedal users. I love the positive, negative, and jet types, which were well explained. For the THRU-0, could it be set up in mono for through-zero flanging? I have a few other units that can do that. I would like to sell them, but can't get the MF to do it in mono. To explain: I love the classic Jimi Hendrix and Beatles flanging sounds which used a couple tape machines for flanging. From what I understand, you can have a tape machine run in parallel with a second one that is manually slowed and released by an operator to create delay for a sweeping comb filter. In that scenario (since both parts are not being played in real time), the operator would release his hand from the delayed machine, allowing it to catch up to the "dry" machine. With the "delayed" machine, the mechanics of the release allowed it to go forward in play time past the "dry" machine creating total phase cancellation of sound for a short time. Obviously, analog electronic units could not do this with a real time dry signal. Since (I assume, please correct me if I am wrong) that the MF relies on Stereo operation for TZF, could you configure it to do it mono? I believe this would be accomplished by actually delaying the dry signal by a static time (say 4ms or so?) and having the second modulated delay line sweep past it. Listening to some of those classic recordings (Bold As Love: Jimi Hendrix–my fav!), I wouldn't describe the effect as subtle, as the cancellation quickly cancels through the whole signal. This effect would be greatly desired in mono for me.

I share your love of the Mu-Tron Bi-Phase sound! Thanks again for your great phaser descriptions. I was wondering (probably my number one wish for upgrades), if the second LFO for all the effects, the one that modulates the first LFO, could be made to be a separate LFO (either in parallel or series) to the first, instead of being attached to it. What I mean, is that the second, bottom row of (D-mod, S-mod, Mod source) could be set up, maybe in the system menu, to control a separate LFO. In the Bi-Phase type phaser, it could control the other LFO with the ability to sync them also. The same could be done with the flanger except it might be better to do parallel, again with the ability to control the sync/non-sync.

Sorry, that was a few questions and a long wishlist 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to answer questions, and listen to our feedback.