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Eventide Staff

Hi Tom,

I think the things you are looking for are in there, Just maybe not where you are looking.  As Anthony mentioned, the Vintage Delay algorithm, as well as the ModDelay and Tape Echo algorithm, all allow you to have pitch change when the knob is turned, and actually act differently from each other as you would expect those three styles to do.  The knob update speed is indeed improved in the version 2 beta which is currently available at update.eventide.com/update.  Furthermore, to avoid glitches when turning the delay knob in the digital delay mode turn up the xnob which controls the xfade time in this algorithm.  This can control both the sound when changing delay times as well as the amount of chorusing when using the modulation section in this mode.

I belive this addresses the issues you've mentioned above, however if there are any more please let us know.