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After quite a bit of work, I installed the update (1. installer doesn't download on Mac OS, Firefox 2. if you use your email address instead of your user name, the installer hangs for a really long time…)

This does not fix any of my troubles.

Here's what I do – this happens on every patch.

  1. Play a nice melodic pattern into the delay at 10500ms.
  2. turn on "repeat"
  3. just touch the time knob
  4. a sickening lurch occurs;  all the pitches go sour (or;  pieces get chopped out)
  5. turning the time knob back doesn't fix it.
  6. if I turn the knob anywhere distant and back, all vestiges of my original pitch are lost.

Despite what you say, it seems to randomly lose bits of the original loop.

Frankly, I don't get this "time knob".  Let's take the ModDelay;  if I play a bunch of middle Cs on this, then press "repeat" — I get a bunch of middle Cs.  If I then turn the time down, it lurches, the pitch goes UP…. and then back down to middle C, with some appparently random stuff cut out of the middle.

Same thing happens with the "Vintage" delay; same with the tape echo.

That's not what I want.  I want the pitch to go up and stay up when I turn the time down.  Pretty well every delay every made does that. 

It seems easy to get this to be an OK delay – but I have OK delays.  It's trivial to trash the sound;  you can do that with anything. 

I've spend several hours of my very limited spare time playing with this unit;  I have yet to get any musical value out of for me.  🙁 :'-(