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Hmm, don't see my somewhat snarky response here yet.  😀

Pending that, I'd like to point out that even though I might be complaining, I really appreciate the forum and the fast response. If you're reading this and wondering about the unit, this is a very positive feature. You probably don't have such stringent requirements as I do for a delay unit!

I really want a knob that will make this unit squeal or groan in a controlled way (I do have a footpedal hooked up but it still doesn't scream!);  I'm convinced that this ability is one of the things that's sold the DL-4 (which this unit is clearly intended to compete against; it even appears as if the power supplies would be plug, voltage and impedence compatible, in fact just tried it for a few moments and it appeared to work!);  as a working musician, I really do want to be able to grab a control and twist it to the limit and get mayhem;  the current mechanism where the program material caught in the loop tries to regain its original pitch is too bland for rock'n'roll, I want something that might blow my speakers if I did it too loud and with too much regen.

I've had this ability with pretty well every delay I've used. Here's a live example with the DL-4; you can hear it about three minutes into it; note that I don't even crank the delay time all the way down, but I do crank the regen all the way up.

Here's a studio example with the built-in delay on the Yamaha ProMix 01v mixing board that I live with; a fairly primitive delay but very MIDI controllable, which is why I used it as such at the end of this song. You can (I hope) hear (towards the end) that I more or less am able to follow the pitch of the underlying program material by varying the delay time on this massive, regen'ed, feedbacked, limited delay over the entire mix.