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You can do randmom flanging – select either the Random or S/H shape for the LFO (S/H is more abrupt and may sound more like the stepping of the Adrenalinn)

The second row can be very useful, but you need to use it lightly (I find I get the best results when I use one of the S or D mods, not both) and choose the waveform carefully – teh dame D-mod can sound very different going from a square to a triangle wave. Also, they just seem to work better on some types (like undulator) than on others (still haven't found it useful on Tremolo).

Other thoughts on the second row: use for parallel or serial LFOs, rather than one modulating the other (I think someone has already suggested this).

Also, I know there's not enough room for multiple effects, but I'm wondering if you could add tremolo to some of the effects – that's usually the one modulation effect I like to stack on to others and it seems like it's one of the simpler algortihms (although I'll freely admit I have no clue how much processing it takes to get any of these to work 🙂