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      I've owned the ModFactor (and TimeFactor) for awhile now. Overall, I like them lot. It's very nice to have many sounds in one pedal. Just wanted to make a couple of requests for future versions of the software.

      1) ModFactor and TimeFactor – Currently you can set the tempo to MS or BPM. It would be very nice to have a setting that locks the tempo to the stored setting. For example, you dial in a chorus that you like and don't want an accidental tap on the tempo switch to change it. This would also allow the same external tempo switch to be used for both pedals. You could dial in a tap tempo delay and a fixed speed chorus for one song and a tap tempo delay and tap tempo tremolo for another.

      2) So far, I haven't found any sounds I like that take advantage of the second row of knobs. There are very few cases where the secondary modulation sounds good to me. What would be really super cool is if you could use these knobs to do filtered tremolo or random flanging like the Roger Linn Adrenalin or the new Boss SL-20. If you could do that, it would practically double the value of the ModFactor.

      3) Undulation is pretty cool for volume swells. Would it be possible to make one more type that adds some octaves for sounds similar to the Digitech Space Station? That would make me very very happy.

      Thanks for listening.


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       Great point on the second row of knobs.  I think I might have initially been caught in a "emporer's new clothes" mindset, in which I felt a bit ignorant for not being able to get any useful sounds out of those additional modulation controls, and thus too embarrased to express my thoughts publicly.  But upon reflection–and after reading your post–I realize that I too found those knobs completely useless.  

       So I agree 100% with John.  Those secondary knobs would be far more useful as additional parameter and filter controls for the algorithms. 



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      You can do randmom flanging – select either the Random or S/H shape for the LFO (S/H is more abrupt and may sound more like the stepping of the Adrenalinn)

      The second row can be very useful, but you need to use it lightly (I find I get the best results when I use one of the S or D mods, not both) and choose the waveform carefully – teh dame D-mod can sound very different going from a square to a triangle wave. Also, they just seem to work better on some types (like undulator) than on others (still haven't found it useful on Tremolo).

      Other thoughts on the second row: use for parallel or serial LFOs, rather than one modulating the other (I think someone has already suggested this).

      Also, I know there's not enough room for multiple effects, but I'm wondering if you could add tremolo to some of the effects – that's usually the one modulation effect I like to stack on to others and it seems like it's one of the simpler algortihms (although I'll freely admit I have no clue how much processing it takes to get any of these to work 🙂

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      I agree re: adding some trem to other effects, that would be great

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      One addition and one request for info:

      The envelope setting doesn't seem very useful for the trem/pan setting. It might be more interesting to have it trigger the trem at the defined LFO rate (e.g., so the trem cycle always starts with the strum)

      What is the difference between envelope and ADSR?

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      does anyone else wish that the phaser could be set a bit more mellow? I mean it would be nice to be able to get a nice chewy vintage phase. Everything I come up with reminds me of the Boss Super Phaser that I had in high school. 

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      Colin Sic

      I wish the modfactor would just change speeds when you are changing patches and not ramp up. Example would be going from a slow chorus to a fast tremolo. it takes a few seconds to catch up to the faster speed.

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      Eventide Staff

      Hey guys,

      I just wanted to pop in and say thanks for the comments.  Because of all the stuff we got going on over here it'll probably a month or 2 before we work on an MF update, but keep 'em coming because we will get to it.

      GtrWiz, regarding the phaser, try turning intensity all the way down and using a triangle wave.  Also, although I know it's not intuitive try the retro vibrato for a cool phaser sound (play with the intensity). 

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      Just checking in on the Mod Factor update. How are things coming along? Also wanted to add a couple of things to my wishlist:

      * Lock tempo so tap switch doesn't affect it.
      * More dramatic Adrenalinn (Boss Slicer) type effects – filtered tremolo, more chop on random flanger, etc.
      * Pitch on undulator for space station effects.

      * Boss DC-2 chorus effect.
      * Can you make the stereo field for chorus sound wider? The Rockman chorus seems to be much more dramatic in stereo than the ModFactor.

      Thanks for listening.

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      the Leslie sounds great, BUT it is too loud when it kicks in, so I always have to turn my guitar volume down. As far as I recall, the Intensity knob is not used for the Leslie sound, so this would be a good candidate for a volume knob. 100 could be the volume as it is now (if people like the increase in volume) and 0, well: zero volume or something like that 😉


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