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Thanks Prot. I am a avid reader of gilmourish.com, but my question was really how to in fact go from the effects they describe on that site to the H7600. I do own analog pedals such as the Electirc Mistress, the Big Muff, and other pedals that David uses. However, a lot of his pedals have been tweaked by Pete Cornish and others to make them less noisy. To be honest, the main reason I bought the H7600 was to replace these anlog pedals with a better digital platform that could be programmed to do that. Although I have no doubts that the H7600 can do it, there is first a lot of fishing in the preset library, although it seems like the Midi VirtRacks is a good starting point. I am closing in on the tone, and the noise factor is better indeed, but I now have to learn how to equate the terms on the analog pedals to the more technical (and correct) terms that a DSP enginner, and Vsigfile developer, tends to program. I found some good links on Harmony-Central that describes the parameters of standard effects such as flanger, chorus and others. I am now learning in full depth how these function, so I can understand how the H7600 presets operate after I download them into Vsigfile. It's interesting actually.

So thanks for the info, but as I said, the task at hand now is to "translate" analog pedal parameters into what VirtRacks and the H7600 understands.