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 Hi Eugene

first you need to connect your pedal to the MIDI pedalboard and edit the parameters to assign a specific MIDI CC# to that pedal.  Refer to your pedalboard manual for this.

Then you need to patch an EXTERNAL to that very MIDI CC# on Eclipse. EXTERNALS live under SETUP(click 3 times)>EXTERNAL. Start using EXTERNAL 3 as 1 and 2 may be used by factory presets. Press EXT#3 and under SOURCE you can select the MIDI CC message you have already set on the pedalboard. If you don't find the name/number, you have two options:

1- set SOURCE: MIDI Single and set CNTRL to the CC#/name you have choosen on the pedalboard.

2- let Eclipse understand which CC# you have choosen by skipping #1 and going to the next screen and press <CAPTURE>…now move the pedal connected to the GCP. Eclipse will "hear" the MIDI message and patch it to EXT3.

Now patch EXT#3 to the parameters you want to control by finding them, highlight and press and hold their soft key. Press the <MODULATE> key and choose EXT#3 as SOURCE. You'll also need to set the scaling, that is how much you want to control the parameters according to the movement of the pedal…basically setting a min and max value for heel and toe.

Refer to Eclipse user manual whiach has a dedicated section on parameters modulation that will unwrap all details you may want to know.

all the best