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the new update was easy to install (after i downloaded the file – it somehow didn't work with download via the update utility) and so far is absolutely great!

BUT: there is still a tiny glitch in the looper (between the loops), which of course makes it very hard to use in live settings, as it is clearly audible… it doesn't matter how you record (i even tried just to record a measure of "sound" and overdub it immediately – still an audible click between the measures!).

that's the only issue so far!

Absolutely fantastic to have now 2 x 20 presets, as i play in different bands!

Oh still one more thing – it's pretty hard to dial in an exact Speed (ms or pbm) – the resolution of the dial isn't high enough i think, if you know what i mean. couldn't you do something with the encoder, so the resolution could be higher if you push the encoder and dial on any delay speed knob?! that would be great help!

It's just sooo amazing to have the chance of updating this unit! Great work!


best regards