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      We've released TimeFactor V2.0.2b4, a new version of TimeFactor's software, to address some of the
      suggestions you've made during the recent open beta process and to make other improvements in the effects
      and operation of the pedal.

      Thanks to all of you who participated, the public beta process has
      been successful in helping us improve TimeFactor. We've decided to keep
      the open beta going with this new release. To learn how to participate
      in this open beta, please go to


      Have fun!!  Big Smile

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      Hey guys,
      I highly recommend upgrading to this version! The functionality of the TF has been greatly improved. I am very happy with the way it operates. The looper works great now (no volume loss). When recording, your dry level isn't touched and when playing back, 0-50 doesn't affect the dry signal. At 50, you have equal levels dry and loop. The pitch shifting from tap tempo and patch changing went away, so I now can turn on my spillover-which is nice. I run in DSP+delay bypass so they can fade out. I am very happy. I got lucky today and happened to be off work to check this stuff out right away.

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      Sound cool! I was just downloading it when my PC randomly restarted.. good thing it was only downloading and not loading to the TF… (Could this damage/muck up the TF, if I were uploading a new version of the software and my PC restarted in the middl eof it? Sorry to detract from the original thread.) 

      A question though: in the notes, it says that presets for banks 11-20 are duplicates of banks 1 – 10 – does this mean factory presets, or custom presets? 

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      A power outage during update should not damage your TimeFactor although you will have to do the update again if it was interrupted, and may have to manually put the unit into Update Mode by powering up while holding down the middle footswitch.

      Banks 11-20 are pre-filled with the factory presets found in Banks 1-10, although you are free to save over them with any presets you create.


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      I always have to put my time factor in manual update. After letting the update utility find it in non update mode I have to turn it off and start up in update mode…. then I can load the new firmware.



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      the new update was easy to install (after i downloaded the file – it somehow didn't work with download via the update utility) and so far is absolutely great!

      BUT: there is still a tiny glitch in the looper (between the loops), which of course makes it very hard to use in live settings, as it is clearly audible… it doesn't matter how you record (i even tried just to record a measure of "sound" and overdub it immediately – still an audible click between the measures!).

      that's the only issue so far!

      Absolutely fantastic to have now 2 x 20 presets, as i play in different bands!

      Oh still one more thing – it's pretty hard to dial in an exact Speed (ms or pbm) – the resolution of the dial isn't high enough i think, if you know what i mean. couldn't you do something with the encoder, so the resolution could be higher if you push the encoder and dial on any delay speed knob?! that would be great help!

      It's just sooo amazing to have the chance of updating this unit! Great work!


      best regards


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      Hi Diego,

      We are still working on the looper issue that you mentioned.

      But as for dialing in an exact delay time, we have psychically added this feature to your pedal. Cool

      Just go to Play Mode, hit the Tap footswitch once, then turn the encoder to dial in exact delay times in either BPM (Tempo ON) or ms (Tempo OFF.)


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      Pretty good update so far! Looking forward to the Looper fix! Cheers Alan!

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      Hi Alan,
      well thanks – sometimes you just have to look and read 😉
      Great feature to dial in exact times!!!

      Am also looking forward for the fix of the looper!

      Really one of – if not the greatest pedals i've ever used!

      The Update is marvellous!!!

      Keep on!



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      I am still eagerly awaiting a fix to the loop-shortening problem. Most of the loops i record still get shortened, so it's useless for rhythmic loops, and due to that volume glitch whenever a loop repeats, it's also useless for recording a non-stop pad in the background, grrrrrrr.

       Anywho, i might be imagining this, but it sounds like the fuzzy fizz that occurs when turning up the x-knob on the vintage delay setting has been reigned in quite a bit, so i can get a slightly lower-fi vintage delay without the crazy fuzz of the previous software version.

      Nevertheless, my dream remains that Eventide would make that x-knob increase the grunginess/smeariness of the delay, and make it so that the delay gets lower and lower fi as the repeats go on. That's my dream, and it would be wonderful if Eventide could let me know whether or not i should give up holding my breath, but I'm not sure that's something they can say or not. 

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      I think the looping issues are fairly well documented by now.  I'd really like to hear folks focus on some other aspects of the firmware update now.

      Some things I've noticed are:  Call up the TapeEcho and turn your filter to 0 and Feedback to 80.  Strum a chord and notice a long decay which does not self-oscillate and eventually fades out.  Strum a chord again and turn the filter up and notice the feedback starts self-oscillating.  Why does the filter influence the feedback regeneration?  This should not be.

      I also used to turn the endless "repeat" button on and play over the top.  If the patch I was using was mixed very Wet-heavy, the playing I did over the top of the endless delay was too quiet and I would press the "Active" botton off and the repeats would continue while my input signal was unaffected by the preset's Wet balance.  I guess it was seen as a bug that de-activating the effect left the effect on endless repeat, but I saw that as a feature.  I think most guys could negotiate pressing both pedals at once if they really needed both to be turned off simultaneously.

      Mix values are different on different algorithms.  I want half and half to be the same numeric value for all delay types (all things being equal).  I realize that filter settings will affect the perceived levels but I think that some patched are 50/50 at…50! (imagine that) and other seem to be around 33.

      Feedback oscillation is likewise inconsistent. I'd like to know where (or very close to around where) self-oscillation is going to start and I don't want to have to remember for each delay type.  This should be consistent across all delay types.

      I said this on another thread this morning, but the VintageDelay bits parameter should be able to go all the way down to 1 and MOST IMPORTANTLY the feedback should not have some of the non-bit reduced signal regenerated.  The bit-reduction should be the only regenerated signal.  As it is right now only extreme bit crushing is really perceieved because of the clean signal being mixed in the feedbacks.  This parameter would have a much more useful range (and sound) if this change was made.  I love bit reduction – I will be happy if it can be done properly on the Time Factor.

      I'll continue investigating the new firmware – this is all I was able to do on my lunch break.

      – Elliot

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       How can I download this? The download utility keeps telling me my userid/pw is incorrect. I assume it's the same userid/pw that gets me onto the forum.


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       You probably haven't registered the Timefactor yet. I kept missing this step in the update process too, and was sent into a never ending login sequence. Once I registered it though, all seemed to work very smoothly.



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      Thanks Kris.

      Does this improve the algorithms at all or is it just different interfaces for the existing algorithms? IOW, will I get better results out of the mod/delay and tape delay? 

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        Im still having trouble obtaining this update, ive registered the timefactor and can login to the website fine. When I run the little updater program everything seems fine, i can see all the updates no problem. When i select the latest update, it tells me I have to download which i do, i click accept on a couple of screens then type in my login and password and then finally hit a visual C++ exception error which I cant seem to get around. Really want to get this update as the looper is almost unusable without it. 

      Is it possible to just download the update and then use the app to update the pedal from a file, rather than off the web???

      Thanks for your help,


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      i did it that way, as i also had problems via the update-module. the module tells you the link-address. i just copied this into my browser and the file could be downloaded and installed easily!

      i don't have the link here, but the update-program tells you this.

       good luck


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