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This isn't as much a bug as it is a feature request:

The auto-sensing stereo feature is really very cool, however it would be very helpful if there was a way to force the TF to operate in mono even when there are two cables plugged into its outputs.

My pedalboard is wired up in stereo and the TF is last feeding two 1/4" outputs on a recessed panel. This allows me to leave all my pedals fastened down and simply plug cables from the panel into my amp or amps as needed. When I only plug in to one amp (which is most of the time) I cannot get a proper dual delay from the TF. If I unplug the second plug I can but this is very difficult with the way I have my pedal board setup.

Here is a pic:


I would suggest that in the same area the Catchup and Spillover settings live there could be an additional setting for Outputs with parameters of Auto, Stereo, and Mono.

The default could be auto and the TF would behave just like it always has but guys like me could go in and adjust without ripping my pedalboard apart.

– Elliot