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Thanks a lot for quick response, however it?s the same answer that I got from you since almost 2 years now… Can you give us some date when we can get the correction? Please consider just issuing the correction load, I don?t need any new patches or features.

I must admit that H7600 is the best FX that I've worked with in terms of effects quality. It?s just such a shame that it has bugs in basic midi procedure (patch down patch up) – can anyone think of any other FX processor where it?s not working…. 🙂


For me the SRC is switched back to OFF after every power off/on cycle. Could you please check if it stays ON after power off/on when there is instrument connected via SPDIF with different sampling rate then the one set in H7600. In my case H7600 is set to 48kHz and I connect the synthesizer that works on 44kHz.