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      3 Q's:


      1) Is it possible to store the setting of SRC (Sample Rate Conversation) ? I mean to have it ON permanently


      2) Does anyone has figured why occasionally H7600 switches to THRU (Program 12) when NEXTPROG is selected from external controller? Is there any workaround known? The above behavior appears in my H7600 randomly, sometimes I don?t see it for days than I have it few times per day (then its very annoying)


      3) When will we finally get OS upgrade for H7600 ? I mean when at least NEXTPROG PREVPROG will be corrected?

      As its already corrected in H8000 its probably not any big deal to correct it in H7600!


      Just to remind: PREVPROG is not working AT ALL in H7600!!!


      Please Eventide do not forget about H7600! I know that Italo in many posts advices not to buy H7600 and to go for H8000, but we (I hope that there is more H7600 then just me 😉 )have already bought the little brother and we didn?t new then, that we have selected minor not seriously supported product.

      Despite of this switching issue (that disqualifies this device from live use for me) H7600 is all I need from stereo FX processor, I?m not planning to do any 5.1 recordings, and I don?t feel any desire to get more powerful 2 DSP FX. Is it really that complicated and costly for Eventide to correct such basic functionality as program UP/DOWN?


      Any chance that my prayer will be listened?



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       Hi Prot

      yes we know about the Next/Prev Prog bug. The THRU preset loading could be a consequence of the same problem. We haven't forgotten the H7600 at all. Fact is that a lot of different on going works are keeping us very busy at the moment. This bug on 7600 is not a critical one as MIDI can be used, as most people do.

      SRC is a system parameter so it'll stay as you set it until you change it again.

      My point about getting an H8000 over a 7600 is related to the specific questions users ask, not about its quality or features. If somebody needs stereo looping and processing, he needs an H8000, as an example.

      The H7600 remains the most powerful stereo FX unit on the planet and will cover all stereo fx needs possible in a very efficient way…. but considering that less than 40% price difference between the 2 units provides more than double DSP power and 4 times I/Os, we can see that a lot of people may be willing to consider the purchase of the flagship unit anyway. 

      Be assured we will take care of the problem.

      all the best

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      Thanks a lot for quick response, however it?s the same answer that I got from you since almost 2 years now… Can you give us some date when we can get the correction? Please consider just issuing the correction load, I don?t need any new patches or features.

      I must admit that H7600 is the best FX that I've worked with in terms of effects quality. It?s just such a shame that it has bugs in basic midi procedure (patch down patch up) – can anyone think of any other FX processor where it?s not working…. 🙂


      For me the SRC is switched back to OFF after every power off/on cycle. Could you please check if it stays ON after power off/on when there is instrument connected via SPDIF with different sampling rate then the one set in H7600. In my case H7600 is set to 48kHz and I connect the synthesizer that works on 44kHz.




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      unfortunately there are priorities that needs to be accomplished in time, particularly for a very small company like Eventide. I do not have a possible release date for the H7600 at the moment. I'll try to support your need!

      Believe me, bugs can happen in any area and I'd prefer to live w/a minor importance one like this (you can always use MIDI program Changes) than with audio ones.

      I don't have a 7600 here. My H8000FW SRC doesn't switch back to off on power cycle.

      My test had a CD player in play mode, connected to S/Pdif 1/2 while power cycling the H8000. The 2 units may be different though, regarding I/O management.


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      Eventide Staff

       V5.22 for the H7600 will be released this week. Follow this forum for more information.

       But, I can say that it fixes the above-mentioned SRC bug and the PREV/NEXT bug.

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       That was ….ffffFast!


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      Great news!!

      It was worth crying 😉


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