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 I love the pedal! Someone finally did a digital delay pedal correctly. On my wish list for a future update would be a setting that would do the "Circular Delay" settings found on the PCM70. Here's a great explanation (borrowed from another forum):

Circular Delays:

This one is a bit more complicated, but it's not as magic or special as many think, because other units can do this one too.

It's a 3 tap delay ( so it's one delay with 3 taps, and NOT 3 individual delays as many, including I, thought in the past ). No high or low cut on this one either.

The first delay is 292ms, damped 3db, and panned to the right

Second one is 584ms, and panned to the left.

Third one is 888ms, and panned to the middle.

The way it's panned etc, it sounds like the echos cross from one side
to the other in a circular manner. If you would record a stereo clip of
this preset, and then convert it to mono, the repeats would appear to
come in groups of three. The first one (292ms) is damped 3db ( which is
like cutting the volume in half), the second one (584ms) is not damped
and is 3db louder than the 292ms, and the last one (888ms) is 3db
louder than the 584ms.

So each repeat in a group of three gets twice as loud (3db) than the
previous one. The reason for the last (888ms) getting twice as loud as
the one before (584ms), is because its' panned to the middle, which
means it's sounding through both left and right, instead of just one.
When forcing this to mono, it means that this third (888ms) repeat gets
twice as loud as the second (584ms) because the second is only sounding
through one speaker.



H.L. Wilson