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Thx I.

Unfotunately, the Peavey is not available anymore.  I checked through dozens of other midi controllers (almost all are USB anymore) and none I could find really fit the bill.  I found one with 34 presets.  There are some great USB controllers out there but I really don't want to have a computer in the mix.  I looked at the Midi virtual racks and they are good, but not complete enough.  I really need access to all presets, not a handful.  This seems so odd to me that there is not an easy solution to this.  Doesn't nearly everybody using 8000FW in series need acess to wet/ dry parameters by preset?  Best solution I've found so far (in this Forum) is the Behringer FCB1010.  This is a foot controller that allows you to send 2 fixed CC changes per preset.  It will hold 100 presets.  This solves live issue but is not a good solution for desktop tweaking (interface is a pain).  Ideal solution would be something exactly like your Peavey–Desktop controller that does not require PC and has preset memory.  Anybody have any ideas?  Thx!