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to correctly set the input level:

when using analog inputs, the LEDs show headroom saturation. Since the 8000 has about +26dB input headroom, the top led would indicate +26dB over 0! You should only need to light up the first 4 LEDs to get the best signal/noise ratio.

When using digital signals, the top LEDs indicate the 0dB.

There may be different reasons why you can find some difference in levels in the presets:

-sometimes it's their own fx structures that can be very reactive to input transients (diffusors – ring modulators – preamps – etc.). These fx can result in very different levels according to the input source.

-some presets may not have levels control because they may be too large to include these in the algorithm. Since the unit has system levels, when needed…an option exists. 

-controlling system input levels via MIDI CCs is very effective in working situations.