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I have an RME Fireface 800 but this H8000FW has better Analog to Digital converters so everything I need is in the Eventide.

Eventide actually uses Field Programmable Gate Arrays for its converters, but I have no idea how that might affect the sound.
Despite RME reputation many feel that its converters don't sound good.
The first time I heard Eventide's converters was when I was using those on a Spectral DAW – the difference was amazing like after your ears un-pop on an airplane.
The only converter that I can say for sure that sounds better than Eventide is the Apogee PSX-100 Special Edition that costs almost as much as a Harmonizer. Apogee got (the unit has been discontinued) a superior sound by using carefully selected analog components.
Except for tubes and large transformers and loaded to "ring," the only trick I know of in this area is to use expensive "high speed" analog components. Audio Upgrades specializes in this, but can't make any Eventide box except the H3000 sound better.
Not even Robert Moog knew about "high speed" components. Though he undoubtedly used them. His philosophy was to just incorporate the best parts available.