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 hi italo,

 -I have just upgraded the unit to 3.5b from 3.1 to see if that would help, but the level difference remains..

 -I can't remember what preset i noticed it on, most likely stringroom2

-Eclipse is connected to a mackie mixer – TRS from the mackie to XLR into the eclipse

 -signal in is an aux send from the mackie, my main channel on the mackie is an acoustic guitar–>lrbaggsparadi—>barber compressor—>line6effects

I have just returned from a festival, before which the eclipse was working fine..

 There was a power cut during my set (the stage was run from a generator charging batteries), I over ran a bit and the batteries ran out! I'm not sure if this is a variable, i have a surge-protected power 6-way which the eclipse plugs into..

Perhaps the eclipse has been knocked or vibrated during transit and so this is a hardware issue?