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I just got a brand new Timefactor about a week ago, and while I like the delays, the balance in the mix is crazy out of whack for me. No matter what I do it is always too much delay. Every patch I make, the mix has to be either on 1 or a hair above 0 or it's too overbearing for me.

I'm using it at guitar/amp level in front of my amp (the switches are correct). It's got the latest software. I am a long time musician and know what I am doing with effects. I've spent plenty of time with the Timefactor to understand it and can get around everything else fine (really dig it).

I really like this delay, but for my uses you guys have to back the wet mix off even more. Your mix display setting #1 should be about a #4 or 5 in my estimate.

Next update? Please?