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      I understand that the behavior of the mix knob has been upgraded in 2.0.  So how does this new taper work?  Is the wet signal simply added to the 100% dry signal, or does the dry signal somehow taper down at all as you increase the wet level?  If so, at what point in the rotation does the dry signal start to decrease?

      Having a dry signal that doesn't decrease when the the wet is increased to at least a 50/50 mix is probably the most important factor in a delay to me, and don't want to plunk down the cash until I understand how it works a little better.  Thanks.  Any info greatly appreciated.

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       I just tried this out for you… There is no difference in the dry level from 0-50 on the mix.

      The new taper gives you more control in the lower mix ranges, though personally, I would still like a bit finer control in the 0-5 range.

      50/50 mix is now a little past 1:00 on the knob as opposed to 12:00. 

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       Thanks… Very cool.

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      I think it would be a nice feature if this was modified somewhat –

      So the dry signal would stay the same level, and the wet signal could reach 60-70%.

      For example, instead of a 40% dry 60% wet, it would remain 50% dry and 60% wet, essentially leaving the dry signal intact longer.  This is how the Line  DL4's mix works.

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      Another issue with the Mix level is wether or not it can be adjusted via an expression pedal.

      Can someone who owns one let me know? If it can't, is this something that can be changed in a future driver update?

      This is the one issue keeping me from getting the Time Factor.


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      Yes – you can change the mix level via a pedal.  In fact, that's my primary use of the pedal with the timefactor.  I dial in the effect and blend it in live to taste. 

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      Billy Foppiano

      Any ideas for a good expression pedal? I'm using a Beringer and an Ernie Ball Volume and the sweep is herky jerky, no sensitivity…It's from 0 to 66 in a tiny bit!

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      I just got a brand new Timefactor about a week ago, and while I like the delays, the balance in the mix is crazy out of whack for me. No matter what I do it is always too much delay. Every patch I make, the mix has to be either on 1 or a hair above 0 or it's too overbearing for me.

      I'm using it at guitar/amp level in front of my amp (the switches are correct). It's got the latest software. I am a long time musician and know what I am doing with effects. I've spent plenty of time with the Timefactor to understand it and can get around everything else fine (really dig it).

      I really like this delay, but for my uses you guys have to back the wet mix off even more. Your mix display setting #1 should be about a #4 or 5 in my estimate.

      Next update? Please?

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      We've added your issue to a list of feature requests for a future update.

      Are you using a lot of gain/distortion on your amp after the TimeFactor? If so that will add compression which will make the delay sound louder. Placing TimeFactor in an effects loop would fix this, but if that's not an option there is something you can try:

      Set Delay B to Off  (0 ms) and set just Delay A to a setting that you like. Then turn the Delay Mix knob almost all the way clockwise and the Mix knob almost all the way counter-clockwise. It will only be one delay, but you should be able to dial in a very low level of it. Let me know how it goes. 


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      I too, think that the mix ratio is way off. I end up sometimes having the mix set on 0 or 1. You have a good work-around to this problem, but as you said, you are left with only the one delay engine

      I'm a session musician, and have been using this delay for the past few months… generally happy with it… has some good sounds. I like being able to put a tempo in and then set two different delay note values. I have noticed some issues with tapping the tempo in however… quite unreliable.

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      One more thing is that there are actually multiple values between 0 and 1 on the mix knob, even though they are not displayed. Try moving the knob between 0 and 1 and see if you can get a lower delay level.

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