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I've come across another "thing" (quirk? careful design decision? bug?) interfacing the two pedals. It's similar to the issue of the aux switch / exp pedal being connected to factor A and how factor B responds to the aux switch / exp pedal.

My desire was to program the Timefactor to send program change messages to the Modfactor, and then the Mod in turn send its own program changes to a third device. I am able to program the Modfactor to call up a given patch based on patch changes from the Timefactor. Really that part works great, and is very fast. The issue is, imagine the Timefactor sends a program message X that the Modfactor maps to patch 2:1, and imagine the Modfactor has a xmit map on patch 2:1 to send out pgm change Y. If I call up 2:1 on the Modfactor with its own footswitches, the pgm change Y is transmitted out the MF. If I "call up" preset 2:1 on the Modfactor by sending pgm change X from the TF, the pgm Y message never leaves the Modfactor.

It's like the "event" the xmit map is tied to isn't a change in the active patch but is the process or pressing a given foot switch on a particular bank. (or similarly, the "event" the knob CC changes are triggered on isn't a change in an internal "kb 1 register" as much as it is turning the physical knob)


edit: by the way Burger, I couldn't find a great low profile right angle midi cable. I ended up ordering a couple 3' right angles from Hosa at Sweetwater.