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Hi John

gOOd cHOICe ! Congratulations.

The box includes a blank CFCard to store/back up presets outside of the unit internal RAM and a CFC to PCMCIA adapter, required to use CFCards in the PCMCIA slot of the H units.

There are no extra presets cards. Why? because you won't need any!

The gtr4000 presets are just so obsolete compared to the powers the 7600 has…that its presets are just way larger and more versatile.

Guitar presets? There are many in there, including the outstanding MIDI Virtual Racks:  14 different chains of up to 5 fx, with on/off and 10 parameters tweaks storage in each presets. These presets can well be a product in itself. Be sure to check the last pages in the Presets Manuals for a full description of what these powerful structure can do for you.

This unit will keep you busy for years to come…easy!