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Thanx again Italo for you quick reply!

Well, thats just what I ment; I only would like to use the AES 8 I/O by the DB 25-connector (and cable). For streaming 8 channels of FX at 96khz.

Well, I've got a Lynx AES16 PCI card what could do the job. The Sad part is that I would have to intergrate the AES16 PCI card as another ASIO in my DAW/ PC (for make a connection with my H8000FW as I/O's interface). And since my computer (PC XP proff. sp2 32 bits) supported one ASIO, that's gonna be a big prob.

My main ASIO audio-interface is my Prism Sound Orpheus.

Also it's a bit nasty working and switching with several software mixers (since the orpheus and Lynx AES comes both with a software mixer/interface).

So I guess, this option is gonna fail.