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First, turn the D-Mod and S-Mod knobs off (Fully counter-clockwise.)

Turn Tempo Off (Pressing the Encoder button toggles Tempo. Tempo Off = no blinking light.)

Now turn the Intensity and Depth knobs all the way up (Fully clockwise.) Turn the Type, Shape,  and Xnob knobs all the way down (Fully counter-clockwise.)

Turn the Speed knob to about 3 o'clock. You should hear a very drastic sounding fast crazy chorus. I find that it's easier to set the Intensity and Depth when the Speed is at a high level. This way you can really hear what those knobs do to the sound.

Tweak the Intensity and Depth knobs so that you get a slightly wavering pitch. Adjust to taste. Then, slowly turn the Speed knob down and you'll begin to hear the drastic craziness turn into a rich fluid chorus.

You can repeat the above steps each time with a different selection on the Type knob and on the Shape knob for lots of tones. Square wave sounds really cool on Chorus.

When you become familiar with getting sounds that way, you can turn up D-Mod and S-Mod for some subtle or drastic variations. Have fun!