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 Hi Siem

there are a number of aspect to consider:

-many, many if not MOST presets won't run in couples in a single DSP as they are too large. Even monolithic mode is not able to properly run these monsters unless they are properly built in Vsig.

-ROUTINGS! The consequences of algorithms internal routings and H8000 I/O routings are very important on how the unit/presets will work. There are many ways one would like to have 2 presets_in_one work in this regard.

Basically, automating all of this would require almost a complete re_engineering of the software and there is no warranty it will work w/all options. Also you have to consider the possible impact on DSP resources of more functions added to the system.

The openess of a platform is a plus. Too many changes "against" it may not work in a friendly (and useful) way for all users.

Using Vsig to sum 2 algorithms in one is a real simple operation. You already have everything made, including the UI interface. Simply connect the UI menupages to have it show up. I don't see how hard this could be, compared to learning to create algorithms from scratch.

You can also decide the routing os these 2 algorithms in Vsig, parallel/series/stereo/mono, often using simple mixers modules. The very dynamic allocations of resources in this platform is what makes it unique. Things are not always the same in the H8000. Any other box has a verb (or any other algorithm) that is always the same. Here a verb can have dozens of different structures = impacts on DSP resources. So automating what you request is a really hard task to do, if possible.