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 Yes you are right, it is one of it's kind, this is the first motherboard ever that breaks away from old legacy standard, it includes no standard PCI or Firewirse. These have been replaced by PCIe and eSATA. eSATA I am sure will be the new standard for external devices in a near future since it offers superior performence and allows you to comunicate directely with the chipset, I hope it will be more and more common during this year.

Even though I have seen no official motherboard map for this motherboard, I have been reading that  3 PCIe slots are dedicated to the nf200 chipset, these are mainly for graphiccards. The other three PCIe slots are said to be linked directely with the x58 chipset. I can use these three for soundcards and a Firewirse card.

Why I did decide to buy this motherboard is that PCIe soundcards I am sure will have a big breakthrough soon and it is the new trend, it gets more and more popular, and the new product line from ESI will be PCIe cards (they will be relleased very soon)

 It is good to know that I can atleast run an PCIe Firewire card without any problems or compromises. I was worried that it would not work good…

I really need to look up how FW works in Sonar 8, really must make sure that this will work if I am going to pay this amount of money. I was hoping there would be som Sonar users here, that would be able to share their experiences.