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Hi Italo, sorry for the long reply back.

It's the latest Eclipse os(3.51)
The midi controller is the Ground Control pro

Yes, IA(instant access)…. Instant access buttons(sends midi cc# on or off messages) when
selecting a preset.

I have ext1 and ext 2 set up in the eclipse to control the bypass of fx blocks a and b.(midi cc#66 for a and CC#67 for b)

In the setup, the setting for FXA and FXB bypass modes are both set for the TrigMode to be On/Off, and the sense set to reverse. This way it works properly.

Now…whew…I set up a preset to send program change 04(which selects preset 104 on the eclipse set to midi map 1) and the instant access buttons to be off….the eclipse will not recognize the on/off status when you select that preset.

Ok create another preset which sends prog change 05(selects preset 105 on the eclipse) the instant access on/off status switch set to off when you select the preset.

Again, it will not recognize the on off status. While you're on that preset….press the controller on and off again and it will bypass it and work properly after you "update it to line up" so to speak. It will not recognize it with the program change

Now heres where it gets really wierd…while you're on that preset(prog change 5) turn the blocks on in the eclipse with the midi controller ia switches….then switch to the other preset…..THEN it will recognize it and work right.

see what I'm saying? And yes the ground control is set to send the on/off status of the controller(ia switch) when a preset is selected. It does it for my other processors just fine.