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 Hi closedbell

 the H8000FW is very powerful and flexable…thur requires a step_by_step approach using its manual, to really understand its many features.

 The 8000 is like having 2 completely independent units in the same box,pretty much like 2 H7600…plus more features.

Routing is one of the main keys here: the ability to configure I/O for each DSP, setting them in series or in parallel, as stereo I/O, quad, 5.1 or anything else…

There is no sense in having presets changing in both machines at the same time by default as this may not needed in many different situations. If an engineer is using the 2 DSPs in parallel and wants to only switch a delay to a reverb in machine B, the current working system allows him to do so, without touching the other preset/DSP.

BUT…. if you want to change both DSPs presets at the same time, you can do so by:

-creating a SETUP and storing 2 presets w/it. Check the manual for this.

 -using MIDI Bank Changes + Program Changes to address preset switching in both A and B. Again…lots of info in the manual for this too.

all the best