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ok, here's my update grocery list 😛 most of this i think i've emailed to eventide but it's good to see it here too, i think i'll have to help code this update to get all these before 2010… where do I apply for a job? haha

lfo speeds up and garbles when changing presets, garbles is a technical term for the sound goobledychirpybeepweepychoopboop

midi tap issue, modfactor doubles the bpm when you send it midi cc to control tap tempo

envelope waveform should have a sweep speed knob not sensitivity

adsr waveform isn't very dynamic, even with sensitivity at 100 and picking hard the lfo sweeps very slow

intensity knob doesn't let you dial down intensity, even with intensity at 0 many of the effects still very wet and intense, can't get a subtle intensity setting

qwah needs the basic envelope filter controls, sweep up, sweep down, lopass, bandpass, hipass

univibe, add this algorithm to phaser

tremolopan, add volume swell to type or just tune up envelope and adsr so they swell in a more controllable manner

tremolopan, add a type for real panning, volume left/right not phase shifted pan, this would also allow expression pedal fading between left and right also, allowing two effect loops similar to the effect you get with a toneczar vfm with expression pdl, with envelope and adsr sweeping left right

fix banner glitch when using lfo display and aux set to fs1-3

add 100 presets to match the pitchfactor

add a way to load patches? right now we can backup patches to a computer with usb, but there is no way to put them back on that I know of

fix speed knob so when tap tempo is on the knob isn't reversed

when using as a wah, there is some slight latency, but i don't know if this can be fixed with code or if it's a hardware limitation