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the eventides are not modeling pedals but they come close just because they are so flexible

here's one for ce-1

chorus on organic, intensity 50, depth 50, speed .5, the rest of the knobs at 0 or a just little above if you want to add some flavor, i like to turn up the mdo and 2nd lfo just a little

if anyone has a ce-1 try this, i actually a/b'd with the modfactor in the effects loop of my flextone III amp which has their ce-1 model, there's some slight differences but not enough to really matter, and i'm sure the real pedal is different from the line6 model, but this is in that ballpark for sure

i'll a/b the script 90 phaser too my amp has a model of that one, if anyone is trying to get close to the old mxr phasers I read something like the 45 is 2 stage, 90 4 stage, 120 6 stage or something i think they are the positive phaser type and the modfactor lets you go 2-12 stages i think, also I used to have the option 5 destination phase and I think the feedback type phaser does a close version of that one