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Hi Nick

Thanks for the response….. I will definitely be using LFO for certain things 🙂

As for c_impulse….
I understand control signals have a lower scan rate than audio signals, but it just seems fishy to me that c_impulse would become unstable after only 4 Hertz. Especially if it's range is supposed to be 0 to 20000!

"Control signals are not really suitable for true real-time use, as they can speed up and slow down and even go away for fractions of a second when the machine is busy."

Well, I do agree…. but the thing that is strange about this is Im putting no load whatsoever on the H8000 No Control Voltage scanning, no big patches, just that one little switch.

I guess Im just not proud of the fact I can tap out a more accurate pulse train on a toggle switch 🙁

Were you able to see what I am talking about on your end?
1,2,3,4 Hz ok….. then it starts getting unstable.

Maybe we should rename this module c_rand_impulse?

Just Kidding on the last bit 😉


"c_impulse creates a pulse train with a variable frequency. Each impulse is a control signal trigger where the output is high for one update cycle.

Control inputs:
How many pulses per second. Range 0 to 20000."