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I know your pain. I had to buy a short splitter for the AC pass through on my Pedal Power and velcro the Wallwarts to the bottom of my Pedal Train Board.

If Eventide would just state what the typical and peak current draw of their stompboxes are it would be easy so see if other solutions could power them. 1200mA @ 9V seems like way too much unless they are using some ancient DSP

The reason all pedals use a Wallwart is because it is easier for the manufacturer to design a product that doesn't "directly" plug into the AC mains. Anything that connects to AC power has to be extensively tested and so it is easier to just purchase OEM Wallwarts whose design has been tested and certified than to do all the testing for the entire stomp box.

I am surpirse that more manufacturers aren't trying switching power supplies that contain no transformer. http://electronicdesign.com/Articles/Print.cfm?ArticleID=7490