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Absolute must is a Uni-Vibe patch. Not the 2 stage phaser – fake sounding kind like you hear on the Digitech Hendrix pedal and all the other ones out there but a true 4 stage phaser tweaked to vintage specs of how an original Univox Uni-Vibe made by Shin-ei sounds.

Also the thru-zero flanger doesn't seem to disappear and come back like it should. If it could sound like the FoxRox ZTF (Zero Through Flanger) which emulates true tape simulated zero thru flanging it would be fantastic.

The 2 main things that made me keep mine as I debated daiy whether or not I should return it becaue it couldn'tdo either of these main 2 things I wanted it for, was the patch 6:2 Rotary Leslie sounds great as does patch 1:2 chorus but I already had the leslie sound in my Time factor on patch 2:2 and 5:2 which sounds great too a wel as chorus sounds. So this Modfactor really needs these 2 main things to really be worth $400 and to flourish especially in today's economy.