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 Thanks, V3.51

 Seemed like a patch corruption issue since the clear patch worked (holding PROGRAM)? I'll post if I  see other strangitude. Seems to be working now.

Main problem is that I haven't been able to get it hooked up digitally between my Digi 02 Rack and my Mytek converters (which I synch the digi 02 to because my preamps don't seem to work if I don't use the converters as a clock). I've been recording at 88.2, and since a lot of the Eclipse patches don't work at that rate perhaps it best I don't go digital and continue to run the Eclipse analog?If the trade off were worth it I would bump down to 48k recording, but thathasn't seemed to work either.

Currently: Digi 02 Rack stereo outputs – Compressors – Eclipse analog 1/4 – Mytek converters – Back to Digi 02 Rack.

 The 02 Rack synchs to the Mytek by SDIF. Figured I could the connect the wordclock OUT of the Mytek to the Wordclock and IN of the Eclipse and synch the eclipse to the Mytek as well. I'd have to try again to be sure but that didn't seem to work either. Am I missing something here? Thanks again!