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 Well first off, when I saw that you guys were coming out with the Pitchfactor I was totally elated. When you first released the Mod factor and Time factor I said to myself ?Damn, I wish they?d do a harmonizer one!!?…. seemed like a no-brainer..
So, as soon as I first heard the announcement upon the release of it I was stoked. Naturally, the first thing I looked into was if there were user defineable scales. I can understand why the platform wouldn?t necessarily support such a feature…..so the next logical step I took was to check the list of scales, because I figured as long as you covered basic Major/minor, Harmonic minor and Melodic minor there?s the easy transposition work-around for 21 different scales as mentioned by previous posters.
I have to admit, I?m really disappointed to see  it?s so limited in that regard.
Having said that though…. I?ll certainly be buying one ?as is? simply because I think, as always, you?ve made a product that?s head and shoulders above other manufacturers.
Still….. more scales would certainly make it *way* more useful… and would make it a total knockout blow against anything else out there.

Again, Harmonic minor and Melodic minor seem like total pre-requisites to me. Personally I?d *love* to see Hungarian minor and whole-half/half-whole diminished scales too.
I also have to question what surprise does your average blues player have in store when he sets it to A minor and hits that tri-tone in the ?blues? scale?

Anyways, as others have stated…. I hope more scales will become USB downloadable upgrades in the not-so-distant future.
I?d be back to being elated again 🙂