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      the pitch factor looks amazing.

      are there plans for adding more scales?

      I haven't had time to read the whole manual but in the diatonic mode it seems that we have 6 scales which are all the same and minor.

      See… major, dorian, lydian, mixolydian and lochrian are all the same scale starting from different roots. A smart user could input C as the root and then play in B if they want Lochrian, G if they want Mixo, F if they want Lydian and so on.

      Why not have Major, Melodic minor (major with a flat 3), harmonic minor (major with a flat 3 and 6) harmonic major (major with a flat 6) and for the last 3 diminished, whole tone and something like Arabic or tritone scale ????

      that would open up A LOT MORE possibilities.

      just stating the facts….

      Thanks Eventide…. I am loving my time factor.

      Teddy K

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      I agree with this, shuttle all but one of the diatonic modes and put a 'lesson' in the book, like they did with the H3000.. then have some other intervallic scales. A user defined scale would be the ultimate, but I dont' think there are enough knobs for that.

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       Well first off, when I saw that you guys were coming out with the Pitchfactor I was totally elated. When you first released the Mod factor and Time factor I said to myself ?Damn, I wish they?d do a harmonizer one!!?…. seemed like a no-brainer..
      So, as soon as I first heard the announcement upon the release of it I was stoked. Naturally, the first thing I looked into was if there were user defineable scales. I can understand why the platform wouldn?t necessarily support such a feature…..so the next logical step I took was to check the list of scales, because I figured as long as you covered basic Major/minor, Harmonic minor and Melodic minor there?s the easy transposition work-around for 21 different scales as mentioned by previous posters.
      I have to admit, I?m really disappointed to see  it?s so limited in that regard.
      Having said that though…. I?ll certainly be buying one ?as is? simply because I think, as always, you?ve made a product that?s head and shoulders above other manufacturers.
      Still….. more scales would certainly make it *way* more useful… and would make it a total knockout blow against anything else out there.

      Again, Harmonic minor and Melodic minor seem like total pre-requisites to me. Personally I?d *love* to see Hungarian minor and whole-half/half-whole diminished scales too.
      I also have to question what surprise does your average blues player have in store when he sets it to A minor and hits that tri-tone in the ?blues? scale?

      Anyways, as others have stated…. I hope more scales will become USB downloadable upgrades in the not-so-distant future.
      I?d be back to being elated again 🙂

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      This is…AWFUL!

      I sent back my Nova system to get this, and now I fid out that pitchfactor has less scales than the NOVA does..Yes, it has harmonic minor.

      Obviously the eventide will sound better , but who cares?I woul dthink that Boss, Digitech, and now Eventide would figure out that guitar players who want harmonizers are going to be a little mnore varied than to simply use the natural scale all the time…Actually Digitech does include harmonic minor options in the RPO units, just not there 'harmonizer' pedal that came out this year…Uhhhhh, OK then

      Thanks to the OP for saving me $500.00…I would have never believed that eventide could be so dim witted.

      Back to the Nova I go……

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      well… Eventide is very good at taking user comments and turning them into software upgrades, so let's see what happens. I do hope they change it.

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