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I am not an expert in Vsig, but anything that can make Vsig and VsigX quicker and easier to work with – shortcuts – I am in favor of. My suggestions for features will be:

E.g.1 When you rightclick on a control-input of a module you will get the option "connect knob" from a contextsenitive-menu, Choosing this will insert a Knob module into the patch and automatically connect to it. (It must be inserted in the vicinity of the module, and the user can place it correctly afterwards).

E.g2 Likewise, when you right-click on a Repeating Field it should include a "Insert HMenupage" in the menu.

E.g.3 When you import a patch from the Eventide unit it automatically expands to the whole window (without having to right-click and choose "re-order")

E.g.4 Multilevel Redo of editing in the editmenu (not just Undo)

E.g. 5 Put "Help on module" and "Add module" as top items on the excisting right-click menu (As these are the two commands that we use most often when we make patches).

Small things like this that will make VsigX quick to work with..

Also, some form of PatchEditor that make it easy to transfer a patch from the computer hard disk to the Eventide (You can then listen to many different patches and decide which one you want to work on, before importing it to VsigX.)

And also, hopefully, that it can be used with the Eventide Orville;)

Note: I have only used Vsig for windows so it may be that these things are possible in VsigX.
These are also suggestions for next version of Vsig for windows, please.

best regards