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       Hi everybody,

      I'm sure most/all of you don't know me, but a while back I got a chance to start updating vSigX. Sadly, life hit pretty hard and I had to put it aside until my health improved and my teenagers got through their (hopefully!) worst stages.  Well, I'm just about to jump back into it, so I thought I'd check in and see where everybody is at.  I can't promise a particular date when I'll have a new release, but I'd like to hear what features everybody wants the most so that I can set some goals…


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      I am not an expert in Vsig, but anything that can make Vsig and VsigX quicker and easier to work with – shortcuts – I am in favor of. My suggestions for features will be:

      E.g.1 When you rightclick on a control-input of a module you will get the option "connect knob" from a contextsenitive-menu, Choosing this will insert a Knob module into the patch and automatically connect to it. (It must be inserted in the vicinity of the module, and the user can place it correctly afterwards).

      E.g2 Likewise, when you right-click on a Repeating Field it should include a "Insert HMenupage" in the menu.

      E.g.3 When you import a patch from the Eventide unit it automatically expands to the whole window (without having to right-click and choose "re-order")

      E.g.4 Multilevel Redo of editing in the editmenu (not just Undo)

      E.g. 5 Put "Help on module" and "Add module" as top items on the excisting right-click menu (As these are the two commands that we use most often when we make patches).

      Small things like this that will make VsigX quick to work with..

      Also, some form of PatchEditor that make it easy to transfer a patch from the computer hard disk to the Eventide (You can then listen to many different patches and decide which one you want to work on, before importing it to VsigX.)

      And also, hopefully, that it can be used with the Eventide Orville;)

      Note: I have only used Vsig for windows so it may be that these things are possible in VsigX.
      These are also suggestions for next version of Vsig for windows, please.

      best regards

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      I like fast – it's how we actually make money in this business. I'm a big keyboard shortcut guy myself. As for the right menu stuff, that sounds good – I'll put that on the list, but I think at least some of that will have to wait until a later release.

      I've been working to improve the graphics of vSigX. (Among other things, I'd personally like to have more of a margin on the left side, or at least be able to center the graphics in the window.) I'm also working on the undo/redo system a bit.

      I think the patch librarian functions I have added should help you audition patches before editing them.

      I've also added a text editor component to vSigX, so that should help out as well, and I hope to add a wave editor component before the next major realease…


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      OK, here's a question – would you guys prefer an object inspector window that would stay on screen and change according to what you have selected, or do you prefer the current way where you can have as many different inspection windows open as you want?


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      Hi there, (I saw this just now)

      Vsig v.2.4.9 has this done quite nice; you double click on a module and you get the inspector window. Then you just select a new module and it shifts to display this module.

      Regards Razo

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       Let me first say, I am very happy about you doing this.

      About the object inspector, I think if you want many to be visual, there also should be an option to choose only one. 

      What annoys me most of the vsigx was the bugs, I can't download patches from the eventide without getting huge amount of error messages, and often it lacks modules and connections, and it has pretty much stopped me using vsig because of that.

      And the visuals were also not that good, but as I understand you already got that covered along with text editing. 

      And after using mac, I will never use a PC again (imagine aeroplanes run on windows) 

      I am very happy and very much looking forward to the new vsigx.




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      Hi –

      I'll add my thanks as well for any upgrades that we'll be able to see with vSigX. I'm a casual user, but I do have a few suggestions to add to "the list":

      – MIDI / FireWire support : faster / more reliable transfers

      – SuperModule / patch fragment support : ability to reuse complicated sub-patches

      – More keyboard shortcuts : tab to next module, send/receive patch, etc.

      I'll also second the suggestion to have the option to have a newly loaded patch window zoom to full size and size the contents to fit.

      In terms of the Inspector question, I think you should look at Apple's Pro apps for some ideas. Both Aperture and Logic have fixed/attached inspectors that function as "action areas". I personally prefer these "integrated", context-sensitive inspectors to floating windows as you don't have to deal with moving the inspectors around to manage your workspace.

      I'd specifically look at the "Adjustments" view in Aperture (alternative to Inspectors?) and the "Lists" and "Media" interfaces in Logic (Disk View, Patch View, Module list, Help?).

      Looking forward to future updates and would be happy to beta test…


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      Copy/Paste capabilites in fields and the text editor.

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      where can I download this new version of vSigX ?


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      Just bumping this thread. That would be so great to have an update to vSigX. The current version does not work with H8000FW, as far as I know. vSigfile is not supported through VirtualPC. Even a very beta version would be really appreciated.

      As far as I can tell, no version was made available past Allan Hoeltje's 1.9beta.

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      Hey everybody!

      Wow, is the year almost over? Oh my! It's been a crazy year – I donated bone marrow for a leukemia patient twice this year (Marrow.org), plus my daughter turned 18 (you dads know what I'm talking about!), and I've been acting as marriage counselor and doing alcohol intervention. (That's my set of excuses and I'm sticking to them!)

      Anyway, I'm right in the middle of putting the finishing touches on the MB-808 Roland TR-808 clone (http://www.eight-oh-eight.org) and as soon as I get that to a stable place, I'll get back to work on ERC and vSigX…



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      Fascinating! That's a number of interesting and humbling projects.

      I wish you all the best in your multiple endeavors!

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      Laurie Spiegel

      That's an outstanding set of excuses Doug. And it's wonderful news to come across your posts that there will be a new vSigX and also the ERC, whenever.

      Are you donig an email list of people who want to be notified when either of these become actually available? If so I would love to be on it.

      Thanks for your work on these, and happy holidaze and new year!

      – Laurie


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      Well, the excuses have continued this year with increased intensity.Confused

      My daughter moved out, my daughter moved in, my daughter moved out.  And she wasn't even done with high school!  Thankfully, she is now away at university.  Then it was my son's turn.  His girlfriend broke up with him and he took it quite hard.  (But what does a 15 year old know of love?)  Had to really get after him to focus on his own life and bring his grades back up…

      The year ended with my father-in-law dying three months after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer…

      After all that, 2011 is going to be GREAT!!!

      Oh before I forget, I'm not keeping a separate email list.  I'll post any and all news right here on this forum.  Happy holidays everybody!

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