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Hi Lyn,

Yes, it's possible to control ModFactor's Rotary parameters from a synth's mod wheel. You will have to connect the synth's MIDI OUT to ModFactor's MIDI IN and make sure that both units are on the same MIDI Channel (ModFactor's default is OMNI, so it should work out of the box unless this was changed.) 

Hold down ModFactor's Right Footswitch and Encoder Button together for a few seconds to enter System Mode. Then turn the Encoder knob until you see 'MIDI' and press the Encoder knob button to enter the MIDI menu. 

Turn the Encoder knob until you see 'RCV CTL' and press the Encoder button. This is the menu where you can select which parameters can be assigned to MIDI controller messages.

The quickest way to cause a synth's mod wheel to control ModFactor's Rotary speed would be to assign ModFactor's 'FS2' parameter to the mod wheel's controller number (this is usually #1) and keep ModFactor in PLAY mode. Now when you move the synth's mod wheel it will change ModFactor's Slow/Fast state.

Another way of controlling Rotary speed with a synth's mod wheel would be to assign ModFactor's Rotary speed knobs (KB2 and KB3) to the synth's mod wheel controller number (again, this is usually #1). This will allow the mod wheel to gradually change speeds as if it were actually turning the speed knobs.