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      Hello there

      I'd like to know if it's possible to control the rotary fx from the mod wheel on my synth.
      If it's possible to have the fast leslie fx when the mod wheel is at maximum, and
      the slow leslie when the wheel is at/near minimum ?
      Is it possible to assign the brake to the mod wheel as well ?
      Is the ramp time from slow to fast acceleration (and fast to slow) assignable with
      this set-up too – possibly kicking in at a pre-determined continuous controller value ?

      For instance, the brake setting at cc 0, slow chorale between cc 1 – 64, fast tremolo
      between cc 65 – 127. The ramp up/down effects kicking in when these cc values are
      passed ?

      Is anyone using it like this ?

      Unfortunately, I can't find one to try over here in Manchester UK and nobody I've spoken
      with seems to know the answer.

      thanks for any help


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      Hi Lyn,

      Yes, it's possible to control ModFactor's Rotary parameters from a synth's mod wheel. You will have to connect the synth's MIDI OUT to ModFactor's MIDI IN and make sure that both units are on the same MIDI Channel (ModFactor's default is OMNI, so it should work out of the box unless this was changed.) 

      Hold down ModFactor's Right Footswitch and Encoder Button together for a few seconds to enter System Mode. Then turn the Encoder knob until you see 'MIDI' and press the Encoder knob button to enter the MIDI menu. 

      Turn the Encoder knob until you see 'RCV CTL' and press the Encoder button. This is the menu where you can select which parameters can be assigned to MIDI controller messages.

      The quickest way to cause a synth's mod wheel to control ModFactor's Rotary speed would be to assign ModFactor's 'FS2' parameter to the mod wheel's controller number (this is usually #1) and keep ModFactor in PLAY mode. Now when you move the synth's mod wheel it will change ModFactor's Slow/Fast state.

      Another way of controlling Rotary speed with a synth's mod wheel would be to assign ModFactor's Rotary speed knobs (KB2 and KB3) to the synth's mod wheel controller number (again, this is usually #1). This will allow the mod wheel to gradually change speeds as if it were actually turning the speed knobs.


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      Thanks for your quick reply, Alan

      If assigning the FS2 parameter to Mod wheel as you suggest, will the changeover from slow/fast and fast/slow incorporate the ramp up/down times, which I presume are pre-set ? This would be the most authentic way, I think.

      As you didn't mention anything about the brake function, am I to presume this will only work using the footswitch ?

      It would be great to have it respond just to cc 0 or 1 and ramp up/down to chorale or tremolo when moving the mod wheel. If it doesn't work that way now, could it be done in an update, perhaps ?

      Again, thanks for any info.



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      I have noticed when using the WAHWAH setting and using a MIDI CC for the values, it works, but the response is super slow. It's unusable as a wah. I had replaced my WAH pedal with the ModFactor. I cannot work out why this is so slow. The range of values goes from 0 – 100 but I can rock the expression pedal back and forth and it will stay on 100.

      Any ideas?

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      I have read about users reporting a lot of problems with the response of Eventide's pedals to MIDI CC messages, particularly if the expression pedal is not plugged directly into the Eventide pedal.

      If I plug an expression pedal into my MIDI controller, can I expect to have the same problems (very slow response time) that oddbod is reporting in the previous message? (He says he cannot use his ModFactor as a wah using an expression pedal sending CC commands unless (?) the exp. pedal is plugged directly into the MF).

      I would be very grateful to get a reply, since I am about to build a very nice pedal board with all three Eventide stompboxes + a few other pedals. I planned on using one expression pedal plugged into my controller to send CC messages to all my pedals. But I've been told the Eventide pedals have a very hard time in this area.

      Thank you,


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      Eventide Staff


      but the response is super slow.

      Are you using the latest software version (currently 2.4.1[5]) ? This is quite a bit zippier than the older software.

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      I have a modfactor and a musicom lab efx midi controller with an expression pedal plugged into it. I was wondering how to (in the WahWah mode) to allow this midi controller to control the wah instead of plugging an expression pedal straight in.

      Thank you,

      Sal Garcia

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      Eventide Staff

      Alas, some study of the User manual will be required. Sorry …

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