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Hi –

I'll add my thanks as well for any upgrades that we'll be able to see with vSigX. I'm a casual user, but I do have a few suggestions to add to "the list":

– MIDI / FireWire support : faster / more reliable transfers

– SuperModule / patch fragment support : ability to reuse complicated sub-patches

– More keyboard shortcuts : tab to next module, send/receive patch, etc.

I'll also second the suggestion to have the option to have a newly loaded patch window zoom to full size and size the contents to fit.

In terms of the Inspector question, I think you should look at Apple's Pro apps for some ideas. Both Aperture and Logic have fixed/attached inspectors that function as "action areas". I personally prefer these "integrated", context-sensitive inspectors to floating windows as you don't have to deal with moving the inspectors around to manage your workspace.

I'd specifically look at the "Adjustments" view in Aperture (alternative to Inspectors?) and the "Lists" and "Media" interfaces in Logic (Disk View, Patch View, Module list, Help?).

Looking forward to future updates and would be happy to beta test…