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Hi, afullerton,

  I've been very careful to make sure about double assignments.

To clarify:

FS assignments are FS1<Tip, FS2<Rng, FS3<T+R.

No other assignments exist.

Global Tempo is Off

The Didgitech FS3X is indeed connected with a TRS cable. The Timefactor is in Bank Mode which puts the FS3X in control of Play functions (that may have been confusing in my first post).

It all works fine with the exception that the identity of FS3 does not get refreshed properly when leaving loop mode. 

For example:

I have a DigiDelay patch that was saved at 86bpm.

I select that patch and tap a tempo of 128bpm

Now, I select the loop patch and everything is fine.

I return to the DigiDelay patch. Pressing FS3 causes the display to report 86bpm (yes, understood), but no matter how many times I press it, I can't change that value. It seems the unit does know it should be back in tap function on FS3 but can't find the routine to calculate and reset the tempo.

In order to refresh the FS3 function, I have to cycle the unit from Bank mode to Play mode and back to Bank mode.Then it all works again.

It really seems like a line of code gets missed on returning from the loop function.



 [ed] PS: The same scenario ensues whether you select patches by bank switching, or with just the encoder.